Integrated Fire Engineering and Response

COST action network number TU0904 in domain Transport and Urban Development

WG1 - Fire Behaviour and Life Safety

Active measures in the built environment

WG1 focus on the behaviour and the effects of building fires, and will combine this research-based knowledge with the most effective means of protecting human life against the occurrence of fire in the built environment. The latter combines active measures in fire-fighting with the effects of architectural issues of building form on the inherent risk to building inhabitants.

Chairman Guillermo REIN, UK
Co-chairman Florian BLOCK, UK
Krzysztof BISKUPPoland
Jean-Francois CADORINBelgium
Carlos COUTOPortugal
Gianfranco DE MATTEIS Italy
Zenon DRABOWICZ Poland
Miodrag DRAKULIC Croatia
Jean-Marc FRANSSENBelgium
Markku HEINISUOFinland
Kamila HOROVÁCzech republic
Christoph KLINZMANN Germany
Ana Maria LACASTASpain
Noémi Antalné LÖRIKHungary
Mariusz MASLAKPoland
Emidio NIGROItaly
Dan PINTEARomania
Joao Paulo RODRIGUES Portugal
Bart SETTEBelgium
Zdeněk SOKOLCzech republic
Lajos Gabor TAKÁCSHungary
Bodvar TOMASSONIceland
Dimitrios TSATSOULAS Greece
Bin ZHAOFrance

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