Grant Agnency of Czech Republic P105/10/2159

Modelling of membrane action of floor slabs exposed to fire

The project is focussed to the preparation of an analytical prediction model of the fire resistance of the floor slabs. The model for the fibre concrete and the fibre concrete timber composite slabs exposed to the elevated temperatures will be prepared based on the current knowledge of the steel to concrete composite slabs, the tests at ambient and elevated temperature and the FE modelling. The current generation of the materials will be taken into account: the fibre concrete, the high strength steels and the glue laminated beams. The proposed model will describe the initialisation of the plastic yield lines, its development and full advanced, development of membrane behaviour, its progress and the achievement of the ultimate limit state including the boundary conditions. The model will facilitate the increase of the fire resistance of the multi-storey building by the optimal structural solution of its floor slabs for reconstructions and new structures including the demands for the sustainable development and the whole live cycle energy savings.

Fire test Veselí n.L. 2010-10-21
       Photos from fire test

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