Integrated Fire Engineering and Response

COST action network number TU0904 in domain Transport and Urban Development

Training School   on 6-9 June 2013

 Lectures of scholars 

Current issues in Fire Science research, Guillermo Rein

Fire testing, Luke Bisby

Current research of University of Naples,  Beatrice Faggiano, Emidio Nigro

Codes of practice: prescriptive, codified or performance‐based? Paulo Vila Real

Robustness, Ian Burgess              

The US view post 9/11, Venkatesh Kodur

Fire fighters’ view of current issues, Jim Marsden

Fire engineering in practice - the state of the art in performance‐based design, Florian  Block                           

Fire Engineering in research and practice, Jean-Marc Franssen                                                                             

Wrap-up presentation and discussion, František Wald

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