Integrated Fire Engineering and Response

COST action network number TU0904 in domain Transport and Urban Development

Training School   on 12-15 March 2013

Advanced Fire Engineering in Practice - Software Tools 

The Training School is intended to broaden the research background of the participants, firstly by introducing them to the views of some leading researchers and practitioners on topics of fire dynamics and heat transfer, structural behaviour and people movement, and then by challenging them to understand and use different software modelling tools. Through interchange of this information, as well presenting their work on benchmark studies or their own research, the COST TU0904 Action will play a major part in the formation of the next generation of leaders in fire engineering research and practice across Europe.


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Invitation to trainees, Important information to trainees, The student´s view

Material to software courses

FDS - User Guide, FDS workshop
Smart MOVE - Smart Crowd Flow Solutions, SMART Move - real-time crowd simulation,
LS - DYNA - Getting started, Instructions, Units

Lectures of scholars

Structures in fire, Ulf Wickstrom
Introduction of scenario for the hands-on exercise, Florian Block
Structural behaviour, Tomaz Hozjan, Marta Sitek, Leslaw Kwasniewski
People movement, Shrikant Sharma
Introduction to fire dynamics and fire modelling, Joakim Sandstrom
Introduction to Fire Dynamics Simulator, Wolfram Jahn
Thermal boundary conditions based on filed modelling of fires, Sandstrom Joakim

Presentations of trainees

Natalia Mambrilla
Javier Bermejo
Kalliopi Zografopoulou
Egle Rackauskaite
László Szabó
Bartek Sawicki and Pawel Krupa
Neno Torič
Domenico Sannino
Helder Craveiro and Luís Laím
Martin Prachař
Malgorzata Snela
Ross Johnston
Daphne Pantousa
Iolanda Del Prete
Guan Quan
Tomaz Hozjan
Katarzyna Ostapska
Ioan Both
David Rush
Urška Bajc
Eva Caldová
Gergely Kakasy
Jiří Apeltauer
Oskar Lind and Christoffer Vickstrom
Alexandra Bystrom
Naveed Iqbal

Presentations of solved scenario by students

D3 Design
Fire busters – awarded by 3rd place
Fire terminators
SpotiFIRE – awarded by 1st place
The Fuego Mechanikaras – awarded by 2nd place

Vacancies of Postdocs at CTU in Prague

Fire resistance of timber based houses

Fire property of timber based panels

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