International Conference Applications of Structural Fire Engineering


To allow all the participants to present their work orally the panel discussion was selected. The panel will consist of six speakers and a chair person. Each speaker will have 5 min to present the essence of his work.
For a half an hour will be the opportunity to answer the equations to the work during the discussion in the panel.

The Microsoft Power Point PPT (or/and Adobe Acrobat PDF) format is recommended for presentation.

Please use till five slides to summary your contribution. The participants will download their presentations before each Session.


Each participant is asked to present his papers on a poster as well.

The poster maximal size is the height 1000 mm and the width 750 mm.
The posters in paper form will be located in the Conference Meeting room.

The posters in pdf form will be presented in Conference Lecture room by data-projector on the second screen during the panel sessions. We would like to ask you to send the posters in Adobe Acrobat PDF format in presentation quality
till 8 February 2009 by email to


The colleagues, they kindly send to us two papers, are asked to precise the paper, they will present orally.

Please deliver the name of the paper, you will present, by email to
A.S.A.P. till 15 February 2009 the latest.


We may offer the help with the printing of the posters at the University before the Conference.

The price for printing a poster is 20 € on a regular paper (and 30 € on photograph paper).

Please, these posters you would like to ask us to print, deliver in Adobe Acrobat PDF printing quality
till 18 February 2009 to the

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