International Conference

Applications of Structural Fire Engineering

Prague 19-20 February 2009

About the Conference

Current European practice in structural engineering is tending more and more to accept the benefits to be gained from performance-based approaches to fire design.

This conference will focus on the application of simple and advanced design methods for concrete, steel and timber structures. Particularly relevant themes will be fire modelling, simulation of the heat transfer between the fire and the structure, and modelling of structures at elevated temperatures using numerical methods or the structural Eurocodes. Both case studies of successful applications of performance based structural fire safety design as well as new research studies on the relationships between experimental findings, calculation methods and FE simulations are welcome.

Acknowledged experts and specialists in design against fire from all over the World will participate, thus offering a unique opportunity to share ideas and to acquire knowledge.

Follow-up Conference Applications of Structural Fire Engineering

29 April 2011and 19-20 April 2013

Prepared by Nuno R.R. Almeida

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The illustrative figures represent the opportunity of colleagues
from Czech Technical University in Prague, University in Coimbra
and Slovak Technical University in Bratislava
to work on the seventh large fire test in Cardington.

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